We need help getting the word out and distributing our new NO on I-1639 flyers to every gun shop, gun club, and range in Washington State!

We can’t rely on the mainstream press or TV news to give voters all the facts. 

Our campaign is giving permission to all concerned Washingtonians to print and distribute these flyers at gun shops, ranges, clubs and any other community organization that wishes to alert its members and customers. 

If you have favorite a gun shop, range, club in your area, please alert the proprietors of these locations and and drop off a few flyers for them and the customers. We’re making this available for distribution to everyone, statewide. 

Click here to download and print the NO on I-1639 flyer.

This week I’ll be speaking at a conference in Washington, D.C. about protecting and preserving our Constitutional Rights — and also possibly meeting with some like-minded leaders on how we can organize against, and defeat I-1639.

As you know, there are pending and (possibly future) legal challenges to I-1639; however, we can’t rely on the unpredictable state-level courts — or the 9th Circuit — to throw out this initiative. So, it is still very wise and prudent to alert our friends and allies, as well as fellow gun owners and voters.

Our campaign is also ready to produce and distribute targeted and persuasive advertising to voters urging a NO vote on I-1639 should it be placed on the ballot in the general election. If you’d like to contribute to that effort, please consider a generous contribution to the campaign.
Don’t give up the fight! 

In Freedom,

Phil Watson

S.O.S. | NO on I-1639