A demand letter was sent today to I-1639 sponsors and the state advising the print of I-1639 petitions are likely in violation of the law.

As the official NO on I-1639 committee, we concur with these assessments and commend our allies at SAF and CCRKBA for pointing them out.

Attention around I-1639 has again shed light into the dark corners of the political class that propagate and place these billionaire-backed measures on the ballot.

In addition, we’ve also received reports of the paid (out of state, and even out of country) petitioners circulating petitions with the invalidated pre-hearing ballot title language. This would also invalidate any of the signatures applied to these petitions.

I-1639 Narrative Problem: Tumwater Responsible Armed Citizen Hailed as ‘Hero’

This weekend a responsible armed citizen successfully stopped a violent rampage at the Tumwater Walmart – something the proponents of I-1639 falsely claim rarely or never happens.

What’s clear is if this armed citizen was not at the scene, there obviously could have been more victims.

This weekend near Tacoma, a woman also stopped a home invasion by shooting the invading assailant with her firearm. I-1639 would unnecessarily constrain the ability of homeowners to defend themselves and could blame you if people were somehow able to break in and steal your gun.

What’s also clear is that laws like I-594, and now I-1639, do little if nothing to stop criminals hellbent on breaking the law. Washington already has “universal background checks” (I-594), and “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” (I-1491); however, as outlined in our first alert the clear aim of I-1639 is infringement and strangulation of the right to keep and bear arms.

Proponents of I-1639 have continually backed laws that constrain, limit, or outright ban your right to purchase or protect yourself with a firearm. I-1639 will further curtail these rights and make you the criminal. A felon or other prohibited person ineligible to own or possess a firearm is obviously already in violation of the law and can be arrested.

I-1639 only goes after the law abiding and crassly assigns it as “safe schools, safe communities.” In true Orwellian fashion, I-1639 goes after you, the innocent citizen, instead of strengthening school safety measures, increasing mental health resources, enforcing current law, or strengthening penalties on violent criminals.

Why is I-1639 Here? Why Now?

A few years ago global gun control proponents became resigned to watered down versions of global gun control measures like the UN Programme of Action and the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

Due to resistance from several countries to these encroaching international laws, the disarmists and their billionaire donors embraced a new plan: attack individual countries and states to change their laws, one-by-one.

So their theory goes, then the individual countries will not be as resistant to complete and absolute disarming of their own people via international law. Don’t believe it? Read one of these documents outlining these ideas here.

The Road Forward: How can we win?

We beat them with the facts, the truth, and with our own first hand stories – ones just like the Walmart hero this weekend. If you or someone you know have a story to tell, please let us know on our volunteer page. We’d love to hear your story.

Additionally, we’re still tracking the paid signature gatherers and encouraging people to let voters know not to sign. You can find the tracker, the handout, and the deep dive alert on I-1639 on our website.

Don’t give up the fight!

In Freedom,
Phil Watson
Committee Chairman
Save Our Security | NO on I-1639

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