Last week an assistant court commissioner with the Washington State Supreme Court improperly dismissed the lawsuit against illegal I-1639 signature gathering.

In doing so, the unelected bureaucrat even cited the incorrect laws in an unabashed display of judicial malpractice and mockery of justice. Our allies still have 30-days to appeal.
Rest assured, more challenges to these violations of our state law by the I-1639 campaign can, and will follow. 
These specific legal challenges were made possible by the illegal and deceptive nature of the I-1639 petitions, illegible size of the initiative print, and the fact they did not reflect the true, full, and exact copy of the initiative text which is filed with the state – a text which is required to track the revisions proposed by the new law.
The Secretary Of State’s office released a statement Friday that they have concerns with the I-1639 petitions not being in compliance with state law. We concur with that assessment. 
In 2013 I wrote an article outlining the political background of some of the players involved with the anti-Second Amendment efforts here in Washington State. 
Those players haven’t changed, and Glen Morgan’s article this week outlines some of the latest news with these same big donors, political snakeoil consultants, and their anti-rights campaign surrounding I-1639.
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Don’t give up the fight! 

In Freedom,

Phil Watson

SOS | No on I-1639 

Campaign Chairman Phil Watson S.O.S. NO on I-1639

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