As the official NO on I-1639 campaign, we’ve highlighted not just the problems with this new billionaire-backed gun control initiative itself, but also the deceptive practices backers of this initiative have been using to dupe the public.

To place a highly deceptive measure on the ballot this November, the well-funded I-1639 campaign has already apparently broken the law in their cunning attempt to trick voters.

In addition print on the back of these petitions being so small that they are unreadable with the naked eye, when examined with a high power magnifying lens, the petitions are not an exact match the initiative filed with the Secretary of State’s office, as they do not strike the revised law and underline the new law.

As a result, voters were unable to read the initiative when asked to sign; additionally, when put under the magnifying glass, voters are unable to discern where the old law ends and the new law begins.

When confronted or asked to see the initiative, paid I-1639 signature gatherers simply told the public to “go online” as they knew full well the print on the back of the petitions was unreadable.

We’ve highlighted these issues here and here.

Lawsuit against I-1639 deceptive practices:

We fully support and agree with our allies at SAF that filed a case yesterday asking the Washington State Supreme Court to invalidate Initiative 1639, and to enjoin the Secretary of State to reject the petitions on the grounds petitions circulated by paid signature gatherers failed to adhere to state law for readability, nor did they include a “full, true, and correct copy of the proposed measure printed on the reverse side.”

I-1639 backers have good reason to hide things in the “small print.”

As you know from our first alert, I-1639 not only impairs the rights of 18-21 year old adults to own any semi-automatic rifle, it classifies all traditional semiautomatic rifles, even rimfires, as “assault weapons.” I-1639 adds a hidden tax disguised as a “processing fee” on the exercise of a fundamental right protected by the state and federal constitutions, and, it requires an ill-defined standard of “safe storage” that carries a felony-level penalty for a violation.

But that’s just the beginning. I-1639 is 30 pages of nonsensical infringements on many of your individual rights.

What’s next?

It all depends on what the courts say. The I-1639 petitions could be invalidated. Or, if the court legislates from the bench, I-1639 could be placed on the ballot.

Thank you for your support. We promise to keep you updated on the court challenge against I-1639 and any subsequent gun control ballot measures we need to oppose.

Don’t give up the fight!

In Freedom,

Phil Watson

NO on 1639 | S.O.S. Committee Chairman

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