As you know from our first alert, I-1639 has many problems as it is replete with Owellian doublespeak, contradictions, tax increases, and draconian gun control measures designed to target you, the law abiding citizen — not criminals.

In addition to the deceptive and illegal nature of the print size on the back of I-1639 petitions, we’ve received several reports of suspicious activity from I-1639 paid signature gatherers.

The latest ruse being employed is drawing in unsuspecting voters with deceptive signage that clearly is in an attempt to deceive voters.

Another scam being employed is to get voters to sign multiple petitions under the impression it is a different initiative petition.

We’ve even received reports of paid signature gatherers posing as public employees in a fraudulent attempt to tell people to sign I-1639 or other petitions.

Many of these “mercenary” signature gatherers are convicted felons here from out-of-state, some are not even from the United States.

These tricksters operate without permission from the property owners and without business licenses. You shouldn’t be trusting any of these shady operators with your private information.

The bottom line. Do not sign I-1639 or any other initiative right now.

Washington is being flooded with con-artists and criminals from all over North America making swells of cash every day off the billionaire-backed I-1639.

Please use our report page to report the locations of these paid signature gatherers. You are also free to utilize our downloadable flyer if you have time to pass out flyers to voters where these I-1639 signature swindlers have set up shop.

Don’t give up the fight!

Paid I-1639 signature gatherers are resorting to deceptive and fraudulent practices. I-1639 increases taxes on citizens, it doesn’t reduce them.

Yet another example of I-1639 signature gatherers resorting to deceptive and fraudulent practices.

In Freedom,
Phil Watson
Committee Chairman
Save Our Security | NO on I-1639

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