As you likely already know, pundits and news outlets have already started reading the tea leaves on I-1639.

2014 Flashback

One thing’s for sure, don’t trust “the polls” or media pundits in the press. The only poll that matters is the one that comes in on election day.

In 2014, I-594 was supposedly supported by more than 70 percent of the voters in the state, but finished with 59 percent of the vote. About 55 percent voted against 591. Including so called “dark money” expenditures, we were outgunned more than 20 to 1. The group I helped manage at the time, Protect Our Gun Rights, spent over $1.3 million — while the NRA spent about $500,000. 

In 2017, I-594 was amended unanimously by the state legislature with the passage of SB 5552. Mainly because 594 was very poorly written and unworkable — as I had highlighted many times on the campaign trail. Keep that in mind when you hear pro-1639 advocates and biased media outlets like the Seattle Times claim “it doesn’t do that” or “that’s not true”, and even cynical statements of “the ends justify the means.” 

End of the month donation deadline!

We’ve raised almost $3,000 since last Friday. We’ll be outgunned against the $4 million pro-1639 war chest; however; if 2014 was any measure, the ROI of our campaign will be better than our opponents. Donate today so we can reach as many voters as possible and increase turnout!

Other News

As you may have seen in the news, the so-called “bumpstock buyback” program as passed by the state legislature won’t be happening as planned; supposedly, because of a budget issue. So basically, the state government will now be confiscating, destroying, and banning property without compensation — a clear and obvious violation of the 5th Amendment. Keep that in mind when I-1639 is on the ballot and you hear “just trust them, they’ll do what’s right.”

Media Circus Update

Here’s another interview I did this week.  The media loves a political fight. Media outlets will cut interviews that are 5 to 30 minutes down to a few soundbites or a couple sentences — so always be mindful of that. 

Stay tuned… 

Don’t give up the fight!