Seattle Times Refuses to Print Just One Non-Biased Article

For the first time since initiative 1639 was filed, the Seattle Times actually contacted the S.O.S. NO on I-1639 campaign.

However, it wasn’t for a news article, nor for factual input on I-1639. The request was simply to use one of our representatives as a prop at its editorial meeting.

Our campaign had one simple request that the times attempted to ignore, then deflected and refused. The request was first, print one article from the alternative perspective, free of their usual bias and commentary.

The fact that the representative from the Seattle Times refused this request outlines the reality that this “editorial” meeting would be nothing more than a sham.

Through a series of one-sided articles and editorials the times has already made their opinion known.

Our campaign sees no reason to aid in the self-aggrandizement and faux-impartiality of a major news business which is clearly biased and also engages in blatant political activity.

Cui bono? Will the Seattle Times Obey Campaign Finance Laws?

The Seattle Times and many other major “news” publications expend large amounts of money reaching voters with the endorsements and lobbying efforts within their increasingly political “news” publications.

However, unlike a regular citizen, campaign, lobbyist, or political action committee (PAC), the Seattle Times has somehow managed to skirt mandatory reporting of these very real independent campaign expenditures.

There are also questions about financial conflicts of interest.

Who are the major advertisers at the Seattle Times? How does the interest of the public square with high-dollar political donors and the financial interest of the Seattle Times, its owners, and its advertisers?

These are all serious questions that large publications like the Seattle Times can try to ignore, but these questions won’t go away without these large news businesses being more transparent.

Nor, should similar major news corporations be treated as somehow non-biased entities with no financial or political conflicts of interest.

At the end of the day, the modern news industry is big business – and a very political one at that. These political efforts need to be reported like any other campaign expenditure; and, the financial interests within these businesses and of their advertisers and investors should be revealed to the public.

Hearing on Legality of I-1639 Petitions

A hearing will be held in Thurston County on the legality of the petitions used for I-1639. We’ll keep you apprised of the legal challenge.

As far as this case is concerned, one thing’s for sure, don’t count the chickens before they hatch. It is still highly possible that I-1639 could be on ballots when they drop in late-October.