In a controversial reversal, the Washington State Supreme Court has revived I-1639, placing it on the November ballot and throwing out a lower court decision.

This means the campaign will continue. Currently, the combined Pro-1639 forces have raised more than $4 million dollars. The groups which comprise the NO on I-1639 coalition haven’t even been able to raise %10 of that amount. We’ll need to be able reach the public with our message, and that takes funding. 

People Power

We still need to get the word out and turnout all of our voters in the general election. So be sure to volunteer, subscribe, forward our emails and website links, share on social media, and donate if you’re able. 

The Media Game

We’ll also keep you updated on the media circus. Here’s two recent media interviews with S.O.S. campaign chair Phil Watson:

Stay tuned… 

And don’t give up the fight!