Washington State gun owners are under attack by the billionaire-financed gun prohibition lobby based in Seattle, which is now mounting the most dangerous attack on Evergreen State gun rights in history – and they’re now exerting political pressure on Secretary of State Kim Wyman to accept faulty Initiative 1639 petitions.

Here’s how Washington State’s gun owners must immediately provide their important grassroots support to Secretary Wyman, and also fight back against this elitist campaign.

#1. Every gun owner and voter must immediately contact Secretary of State Kim Wyman and formally request her to follow state law (RCW 29A.72.100), regardless of political pressure, and reject Initiative 1639 petitions, which were not printed in accordance with statutory requirements to be “readable,” and also should have included the actual “full, true and correct copy” of the actual initiative language, as published on the Secretary of State’s website.

Initiatives that fail to adhere to state law, by underlining proposed new language and striking language (i.e. striking language) that will be deleted, cannot be allowed.

Wyman’s email is kim.wyman@sos.wa.gov

Be polite, brief and firm in your messages to the Secretary of State’s office.

Some dishonest and shameful legal shenanigans are being used to reject an important court challenge we outlined just a few days ago. In order to stop these illegal and faulty petitions it may be up to the Secretary of State. So, it’s important we show our support and do so immediately.

Messages to Mrs. Wyman should focus on the obvious:

Everyone must follow the law, even lobbying groups and signature gatherers funded by billionaires and other wealthy elitists. Firearms owners are expected to fully comply with laws, and that principle must apply to initiative sponsors and the laws that guide ballot initiatives and signature gathering.

Remind Secretary Wyman that I-1639 petitions did not include underlined proposed new law, nor strike-throughs (i.e. “strike throughs”) eliminating current law, so they do not meet the requirement to be a “full, true and correct copy” of the measure as published on her website. 

Also, the print on the back of these petitions are illegible due to the tiny print. If these petitions were a legal contract, court precedent on that issue would likely rule them invalid.

Sam Reed, a three-term Secretary of State who left office in 2013, correctly stated the obvious in a recent news story, “It would be totally unacceptable for the legislature to vote on proposed legislation without the strike-outs and underlines,” Reed said in an email. “Since the public is acting as the legislature with initiatives, they need to meet up to the same standards.”

#2. Encourage friends and fellow gun owners to do likewise.

If you are a member of a local gun club, encourage your club president and board to immediately contact Wyman’s office, on behalf of the organization, and request her to follow the law and reject the initiative signature sheets. Also make sure you are registered to vote, and at your current address.

#3. Support S.O.S. NO on I-1639 campaign (SaveOurSecurity.net) and encourage your shooting and hunting friends to do likewise. Likewise, support the Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, two organizations headquartered right here in Washington State that are on the front lines of this battle.

Don’t give up the fight!

In Freedom,

Phil Watson

S.O.S. NO on I-1639 Committee Chairman

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