As you know from our previous alerts, the high-paid consultants and billionaires behind I-1639 are running an unethical scam and it’s our civic duty to alert the public to it.

Your Mission:  Spread the word and interrupt the paid I-1639 signature snake oil salesmen.

I’ve already heard feedback that this strategy has worked.

Now, it’s even easier to do with our new handout, click here to download. 

And where you see these signature gatherers, you should definitely exercise your First Amendment Rights. Use our handout to spread the word to fellow voters.

There is no law or court decision against doing this if you’re simply talking to people in a public place, ie., in a park, or outside the entrance to a store. There’s also plenty of reasons to oppose this initiative in our first I-1639 alert. 

It’s also easy to report and locate these hired political tricksters with our new mapping and tracking page.

They need over 259,000 valid signatures from voters by July 6. If we can stop them, then this deceptive initiative will not be eligible to be on the ballot. You don’t have to travel far to make a difference.

There’s likely paid I-1639 signature gathering going on at your local supermarkets, malls, etc. Keep an eye out and be sure to report them with our mapping page so other volunteers can know where they are.

Apparently all Kroger stores (QFC and Fred Meyer) have a blanket company policy against paid signature gathering. If you see the I-1639 signature scammers on these properties, don’t just alert the voters at that location, complain to management.

Don’t give up the fight!



Download the handout:

In Freedom,
Phil Watson
Committee Chairman
Save Our Security | NO on I-1639

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